Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have a storefront? 

A: No. Mini Moose operates solely online.


Q: Where is pick up?

A: Our pick up locker is conveniently located in the Prince George bowl near Ginter’s Dog Park and Superstore. You will receive an exact address when your order is ready.


Q: I just placed my order. When can I pick up? 

A: Orders are generally ready within 24-48 hours. When your order is ready you will receive a 'Ready for Pick Up' email. Please come pick up your order within a week of it being ready. Our pick up locker is available 24/7.


Q: How long do I have to come get my order?

A: Once you receive your “Ready for Pick Up” email we appreciate orders being picked up within 7 days from our pick up locker. Our pick up locker is available 24/7.


Q: What is 'Hold My Order'? 

A: Hold My Order is for customers who want to continue shopping before picking up. It is a great option for out of towners/edge of towners who don't have a chance to pick up often. It also works great for shipping customers to add to their order before paying shipping or stacking their orders until they reach FREE shipping.


Q: I want to pick up my ‘Hold My Order’. How do I do that?

A: Send us an email or message us on social media to let us know. We will set your order in our pick up locker within 24 hours of receiving your message and let you know when we have done so.


Q: What is the cutoff for Wednesday delivery? 

A: All orders placed before 9 pm on Tuesday night will be eligible for the Wednesday delivery. If order is placed on Wednesday, the delivery will be completed the following Wednesday.


Q: If I consign with you, how do you take care of my items?

A: All consigner goods are stored in consigner supplied storage containers (totes, boxes, bags, etc...) or Rubbermaid bins. The goods are stored in a smoke free household, away from any food, liquids, or babies. We take very special care of your clothing because we are your partner and we are committed to deliver high quality goods to our customers. 


Q: What is consignment/consigner?

A: Simply put, consignment is a partnership between you (the consigner) and a 3rd party (Mini Moose Co.) in which you provide us your goods to sell. You as the consigner then earn a large portion of the sales profit. 


Q. How do you price your items? 

A:  Items are priced based on brand, style, size, and condition. Our goods are priced at a fraction of current retail value which we cross reference with store websites and storefronts.


Q. What size of clothing do you accept? 

A: We are accepting up to 14 years. 


Q. Are you accepting shoes? 

A: Yes!