Our Story

Hi, I‘m Sarah and along with my husband Colton we operate Mini Moose Consignment. We are born and raised in Prince George and now with a young family of our own are happy to offer this consignment service. 

Let’s face it, kids grow fast and go through many different sizes and phases. One week they are wearing their favourite Paw Patrol t-shirt 24/7 and the next the thought of wearing anything other than their Halloween costume sends them into a full meltdown. 

Remember those matching family outfits you spent all that time organizing for that family picture? Or those gifts from their long lost relative that never really got used? That sport they tried and decided wasn’t for them? Let us sell these items collecting dust for you! You deserve to recoup your hard earned dollars to put towards your next family expense (or to pocket for something for yourself).

You will not have to respond to “Is this still available?” or set up pick up times with endless no shows or mysteriously slow e-transfers. 

On the flip side you can shop online from the comfort of your home with no worry of shipping delays. All our pre-loved items are guaranteed to be in excellent condition. We offer convenient pick up within 24 hours or once a week delivery. 

We look forward to working with you and thank you for supporting our small business!